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Lush Curly Hairstyle


No longer just an 80's staple, modern perms can be customised beyond the old high volume 'the bigger, the better' look to create a variety of waves to suit your personal style.

  • Starting with a personalised consultation, your stylist assesses the condition of your hair before discussing the type of curl you want.

  • After washing your hair with a deep cleansing shampoo, your hair is wrapped on a form and the waving lotion is applied and left to set.

  • The solution is then rinsed out and your hair is styled dry.

  • Before leaving the salon your stylist recommends a complete aftercare plan to help maintain your new style.

Whether you're after the traditional tight curl or a looser beach wave look, there’s a perm for you at this salon.


1HR 20 MINS   |   £135 - SHORT LENGTH

1HR 35 MINS   |   £185 - MEDIUM LENGTH

2HRS 5 MINS   |   £235 - LONG LENGTH

2HRS 35 MINS   |   £285 - ExTRA LONG LENGTH

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